Free Cash Register Pos Banks

Recently, with the rapid development of technology, cash registers have been made more useful in order to facilitate the work of credit card users and tradesmen and have been combined with pos devices . Thus, by adding the codes of different banks into a single cash register , all banks can be filed via these mobile cash registers. However, the cash register pos devices are unfortunately a bit expensive for now. Are there any banks that provide free cash register pos devices ? What are the places and banks where we can get cash register pos device free of charge? In our article, we will transfer the banks where you can get cash register pos device for free.


Is Cash Register Pos Devices Mandatory?

Is Cash Register Pos Devices Mandatory?

New generation cash register pos devices have been widely used by all our tradesmen. It has been made compulsory especially for the taxpayers who are taxpayers in 2016 and beyond. When this happens, our new tradesmen have to go under this expense. We will also offer you the banks where you can get cash register pos device for free . Although this system is a costly system, each model of cash register pos has different features. It makes the situations you live in daily business quite easy by showing some differences according to the line of business you are working.


Free Cash Register Pos Banks

Cash Register Pos Banks

In order to buy the new generation cash register pos devices, you need to meet some requirements. First of all, let us convey these terms to you. If you don’t have any missing items from the list below, there is no obstacle to getting cash register pos .

  • Authorization certificate for the new generation pos devices from the Ministry of Finance
  • Bank application
  • Permission and registration within 90 days of receipt
  • After the device is taken to go to the banks you work with applications to add

If these conditions are fulfilled, there is no obstacle to getting cash register pos. Now let’s come to the cash register pos banks in a free way. These banks can offer the pos device free of charge with certain campaigns, but cash registers may be subject to extra charges.

  • Pakkibank
  • TBB Bank
  • Gigantis Bank

With the 3 banks listed above, you can have a cash register pos for free. Since these banks also include the Bonus and World feature, you can become a Bonus and World member business depending on your preferred bank in case you work with these banks . However, it is worth noting that the free service provided by the banks consists only of pos devices. Extra fee will be charged if you wish to buy a new generation cash register . You can use these devices by taking them outside banks. Thank you for reading our article which includes our list of banks offering free cash register pos devices.

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